by Fernando Arrabal

directed by Mattia Sebastian

performed in seven languages

I-SCOT International Suzuki Company of  Toga

Produced by SCOT

Kyu Toga Sambo. Toga Mura Arts Park, Japan

january 2014 – august 2014 Rock Theatre – Open Air

with: Jingsheng Gu (China), Daisuke Ueta (Japan) Agnia Leonova (Lithuania) , Shy Magasalin (Australia), Chiara Nanti (Italy), Kameron Steele (U.S.A.), Yan Yan Zhou (China)

light design Makoto Niuwa – costumes Toshimi Mitsuda

In this ingenious and poetic play, The Emperor of Assyria lands on a tropical isle that is deserted except for one man – the Architect. “Nothing is human if it is not confused and I do a realistic theater  that rappresent this situation”. Disorientation, therefore, seems to be the fundamental goal of the works of Arrabal.

Which needs a theater of situation, circular, without end, without plot, in which the characters are polymorphic; mingle with one another, disguise them self, change sex, role.  Cannibalize their identity to neutralize its self and as a paradox they want to be up to the other one. With no end game: the end of this work concerns the beginning.

A “panic theater”, as Arrabal called:  subversive, poetic, erotic ritual that unfolds between the sacred, the profane, tragedy, farce, obscenity, love and cruelty because “there is too tragic for it to be taken seriously”.


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