or the sunset of reason
at the place of the dawn of capitalism
from Brecht, Gozzi, Busoni
adaptation, direction, light desing by Mattia Sebastian
production SCOT
Kyu Toga Sambo. Toga Arts Park.
Scot Season 2012. August
with Nelson Chia (Singapore), Chiara Nanti (Italia), Graziela Mantoanelli (Brasil), Jin Shine Gu (Cina), Sarunas Gavilas (Lithuania) Wan Ching (Singapore)

light design Makoto Niuwa

costumes Toshimi Mitsuda

In a palace, anywhere, there was an Emperor who was desperate because the state was falling in the drain for the corruption and for a financial crisis. The reason was because there was to much cotton on the market and the price of it had become lower and lower. So, the Emperor and his Ministers, decided to take away all the surplus cotton, because they wanted to make more money and save themselves. 
The common people got angry and started to protest because cotton its became very expensive.
At the Palace during all this financial scandals life continues as usual. Feast and rich parties for the the royal family and ministers. One night during a big party the daughter of the emperor decided to represent the history of Turandot for all her guests.
The work closes with a final ensemble 'What is that binds all people together?'
to which is the reply , 'Love', its seems natural to answer.
But not everyone is agree with this solution. If you are loosing the reason and looking to capitalism and globalization, something else is taking place of them…. Money!  Money! Money!
As an epilogue we see the emperor smoking calmly his pipe, but outside civil war has started, a new Wall street collapsing is arriving, and new war is  might be  coming up again….
Mattia Sebastian

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